About Us

Notably Creative is a family of businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex devoted to inspiring and building our community of musicians through services such as:

private lessons – group classes – musical theater – online music theory programs – instrument rentals, sales, and repairs – music accessories – performance venues and opportunities – event production

Our Philosophy

The best way to learn is through play. We firmly believe that is the key.

The mind is open to receiving new information.

All it takes is a spark of curiosity. Fun.

Learning to play an instrument may be one of the greatest intellectual and physical challenges that a person can take on. They must learn a foreign language and implement periodic math equations while maintaining control of their body, their breath, and their instrument itself.

That is why people who are good at music tend to be good at so many other things. By uncovering the mystery of music, they learn how to solve complex puzzles one step at a time. Music is a puzzle and a language as much as it is an art. 

If you learn at a young age to equate a sound to symbols and a physical reaction, then learning so many other things is easier: chemistry, physics, math, grammar and even other languages.

Music is the spark that drives us. From the first lullaby and group singalong to the first dance where we just can’t sit still, music forms the memories that last a lifetime. Music is the harmony and melody that grounds us and makes us fly. Music is play.

And the best way to learn is through play.

-Ray Gore, founder