Instrument Rentals

Notably Creative offers rentals for a wide variety of instruments through our parent company Williamson Music 1st Rentals can be used for school ensembles or personal enjoyment. 

Our instrument rentals are on a rent-to-own basis with no long-term contract. 

You only pay for the instruments the months that you use it and all of your payments go towards the purchase of the instrument. You have the option to return it at anytime for any reason. There are no cancellation fees and no minimum number of months that you must rent the instrument. 

If your student really enjoys playing the instrument, just continue making your monthly payments and your instrument will pay off within the time specified in your contract. If you know your student loves the instrument and you want to pay off the contract early, we offer a 30% discount off your remaining principle balance at any time in the duration of your contract.

What if I want to upgrade my instrument?

When your student is ready for a professional level instrument, we allow you to transfer up to 15 months of principle payment towards the purchase for any professional instrument that we carry. Other companies will only allow you to take a small portion of your payments towards their “house brand” instrument.

What if something happens to my rental instrument?

Repair and maintenance are included in your rental contract, and most repairs can be completed quickly in the store by our certified technicians. While you are renting from us, if your instrument ever has to stay in the shop for an extended length of time, you may ask for a free loaner until your repairs are completed. Your student will never need to miss class or assignments.

What if I’m renting through my student’s school music program?

Our educational representatives visit your student’s campus weekly to pick up and drop off instruments that need repair and deliver accessories ordered by you or the director for your student. We work closely with program directors to make sure we offer the products that they recommend.