New Student Sign-up

We offer group and individual lessons in all of our locations except Frisco. 

For pricing and scheduling, please create a profile in our My Music Staff portal. 

Prices range from $75/month for groups to $145/month for individual lessons. Sibling and multi-lesson discounts are available. 

Fill out the form below to create a Student Portal Account

Complete the form for each student. Families will be grouped under the same account as long as the same email address is used.

After filling out the form, check your email and follow the link to register for classes, lessons, and workshops through the CALENDAR TAB.


Take special notice of the locations for each offering as we do have multiple studios around DFW as well as College Station.

Music Literacy through RC Theory

RC Theory is the most effective way to learn music literacy, guaranteed! Our online program adds value without increasing cost. Students enrolled in our program who commit to the full year will be reading and writing music by the end of their first year or your money back.

Students will have the option to watch videos at home, or in the RC Theory Learning Lab at each of our lesson locations. 

We recommend signing up your student for a 20-minute lab session right before their lesson time. Teachers can help with comprehension of new material, while fun videos get your student fired up and ready to learn!

Click here to visit the RC Theory website.